Frequently Asked Questions

What type of fabric do you use?

Most of our custom made orders are made with Sunbrella® and Duralee® Both are UV, mildew, stain and water resistant, 100% solution dyed acrylic, and fade proof. Other designer fabrics may be used for indoor projects.

Can I put my Sunbrella® fabric cushion cover in the dryer?

The dryer will shrink the fabric and make it challenging to place it back on the foam base. Spot cleaning is recommended.

How do I clean my cushions?

Guide for care and cleaning fabric provided by Sunbrella® can be found below:

What type of filling is the best fit for my cushions?

Foam recommendation: For cushions from 1" to 2.5" thick, we recommend Firm foam. For cushions from 3" to 5" thick - medium foam is recommended. For cushions 5" and thicker - a soft foam is suggested.

Dry Fast Foam – Recommended for outdoor use where humidity is high. Firm, large cells, mold resistant. Ideal for outdoor furniture, anti-microbial. 

Polyester Fiber Fill – soft filing for puffy seat/back cushions. A popular choice for wicker furniture cushions, lumbar and throw pillows. 

Urethane foam - Fire Retardant and Mold Resistant for Indoor/Outdoor use.

Each foam pad has dacron on top and covered with white lining.

Do You Offer Trimming On Your Cushions?

Yes. Welting is optional on all custom made cushions. Welting is a type of trimming that is sewn into the seams of the cushion in which the seam cannot be seen and the cushion or pillow is given an appearance of a piping or tubing instead. Welting can be made in either the same fabric or contrasting fabric colors. This provides a crisper look to the cushion while providing enhanced stitching durability.
Cushions made with a waterfall edge construction have a single welt option as there is only one seam. Cushions made in a boxed edge construction have double welt options for the top and bottom seams of the pad.

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